spotted: mid-century, yet rustic chest $425


is this cheap? no, not at all. but it is amaaaaazing. robust size and proportions, yet delicate on it’s feet, and rides the line between mod and rustic so well- love the knots. it would be great in a bedroom, but how about in an entry, or a dining room for linens, or a living room with a tv on top?

sourced: library of virginia botanical print shop


the library of virginia has an incredible online shop. did you know? one of the best things they sell are color prints of some of their collections, including paintings by naturalist mark catesby. they are gorgeous! flora, fauna, fish, snakes, birds… and they can print these for you as large as 20 x 25ish, for the low price of about $50. matted and framed these would be an incredible visual boost to your home! they also have old virginia maps to offer in other collections… check out what they offer!