sourced: library of virginia botanical print shop


the library of virginia has an incredible online shop. did you know? one of the best things they sell are color prints of some of their collections, including paintings by naturalist mark catesby. they are gorgeous! flora, fauna, fish, snakes, birds… and they can print these for you as large as 20 x 25ish, for the low price of about $50. matted and framed these would be an incredible visual boost to your home! they also have old virginia maps to offer in other collections… check out what they offer!


sourced: lamp shade frames


if you’ve got one of those ubiquitous exposed light bulb fixtures on the ceiling at your place, a great solution to upgrade it is to rig an antique lamp shade frame over the bulb. inexpensive and really unique! can you see it in your mind’s eye?

judi’s lamps on etsy carries lots of shapes and sizes of vintage lamp shade frames…